Change Your Energy

Transform your Life Retreat

Change your Energy - Transform your Life Retreat | Dirk Terpstra & Josep Soler

Program Information & Rates

Deluxe Rooms

The deluxe guest rooms are housed in a beautiful setting, offering partial ocean views and overlooking tropical gardens and the pool. Each Deluxe room, suitable for couples, is equipped with a king bed and has a sitting area as shown in the photo, and wide double doors leading to a spacious balcony. Rate includes 3 meals per day and all retreat offerings as listed. SECURE YOUR SPACE FOR ONLY CA$500.

Double Occupancy CA$1820 per person  BOOKED!

Master Suites

The master suites offer partial ocean views, overlooking the garden and pool from the 2nd floor. These spacious, modern suites have a separate sitting area with a couch, large chair and table, an open air living room, double doors leading on to two private balconies, ample bathroom areas and a king bed. Rate includes 3 meals per day and all retreat offerings as listed. SECURE YOUR SPACE FOR ONLY CA$500.

Double Occupancy CA$1845 per person BOOKED!


Beach House

The Sugar Beach House stands proudly at the far southern end of the cove. This house features an excellent view of the Pacific sunset from the comfort of its front porch and balconies. This is a two story luxurious villa suitable for 6 guests, where each couple fully enjoys their full privacy. Rate includes 3 meals per day and all retreat offerings as listed. SECURE YOUR SPACE FOR ONLY CA$500.

Double Occupancy  BOOKED! 

Double Occupancy Master Bdrm  BOOKED!

We do not offer single occupancy for the rooms during the retreat, since we only have a limited number of rooms available. In case you  are interested in sharing a room with a friend, please let us know. The rooms are spacious and have a king size bed.

When you click the BOOK NOW button, you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of CA$500. This will secure your registration. For further payment details, we refer you to our FAQ section.

Sugar Beach Retreat Ocean | Dirk Terpstra - Josep Soler

Program Overview

We will start our retreat at Sugar Beach at noon of the the first day (Monday). We will enjoy a wonderful lunch together in the open-air oceanfront restaurant. You then have a chance to settle in, swim in the pool or in the ocean and just relax. Around 5pm there’s a introduction to the retreat and an opportunity to ask questions about the week.

At the end of the day we’ll have dinner together and after dinner, let´s begin the transformation adventure – a first practice of mind-heart-body connection. It’s now time to relax, watch the night sky or falling into a deep sleep.

Costa Rica Retreat | Dirk TerpstraIn the mornings you may choose to participate in a outside meditation session, or just go for a walk on the beach. Then it’s time to enjoy a delicious breakfast. You will be all energized by then.

Below is a general schedule for the retreat. You will be experiencing amazing teachings, learn about new scientific findings, enjoy life transforming experiences, and you will of course enjoy the freedom of spending some quality time away from your familiar environment. We will make sure that the elements all blend in natural natural way, and where there is enough time for playing as well.


  • Learn in an experiential way how to develop a deep connection with your intuition
  • Develop skills to reboot your nervous system
  • Learn to better understand the magic of synchronicities and how to create a new reality
  • Become a master in recognizing long running patterns and how to change them
  • Learn the art of visualization and how to sculpt and transform specific symptoms in your body
  • Implement life changing habits
  • Discover and embrace the intelligence of the heart by measuring heart-rate variability
  • Make a deeper mind-heart-body connection (in often fun and exciting ways!)

Are you ready to stop living a life based on the past and set yourself free and heal in the joy and power of every single moment?