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HeartMath | Dirk Terpstra


Create more balance and resilience – Explore the science of the heart and discover the life transforming tools & techniques.
Make the Shift | Dirk Terpstra

Take back your Health

Our new Scalar Wave equipment, is the most powerful techology that is currently available for you, to take back your health.

Interviews with Dirk Terpstra

Inspiring Interviews

Download my ebook interviews with world renowned scientists, spiritual teachers, authors and musicians.

Heart Coherence Meditations | Dirk Terpstra


Become coherent. On the go! Easy to use, a full playlist of short Heart Coherence meditations.
Becoming Quantum Meditations | Dirk Terpstra

Becoming Quantum

Welcome to the quantum world inside your own body. Relax, breathe and connect with your own intuition.
The Power of Intuition | Dirk Terpstra

Human by Design

In my podcast with Gregg Braden, we speak about shifting from evolution by chance to transformation by choice.
Coherence Hotspot | Dirk Terpstra


The Little Blue Breathing Book | Dirk Terpstra
The Purple Personal Purpose Book | Dirk Terpstra
The Purple Personal Purpose Book | Dirk Terpstra

Welcome to the New Creation

It was about time. It is about time, that we begin to see and feel the truth. A truth, not told by news reporters, business leaders or politicians, but an undeniable truth we can feel deep in our hearts. It’s not an easy time, sometimes even a dangerous time, to...

Change Happens when we Connect

Through science, community and consciousness, we can make a critical shift on this planet – one that empowers us to create a harmonious, coherent relationship with the natural world, with our inner selves, and with each other. One of the things that has always...

Do you have the courage to be real?

We live in a world that lets us believe that we’re somebody else. I don’t say that there’s something wrong with this world – we have however, collectively bought into concepts and beliefs that do not reflect the truth of who we really are. So we go through life...

True Transformation happens when you Feel the Truth

I see the shoulders of the woman in the middle of the circle drop. Resistance visibly leaves her body, and tears roll down her face. It’s so beautiful to watch, that it makes me feel humble to even witness this. If you don’t have an idea what is going on here, you...

The Power of Feeling

This is a short video about the importance of human connection. Recorded during my retreat in Bogotá, Colombia.

More on my YouTube channel.

Secret to Life

I believe that the secret to life lies in hitting the brakes, really slowing down and learning to understand ourselves better. You can only be at peace and feel fulfilled, when you are honest with yourself and start closing the gap between who you appear to be and who you really are. You will then discover that you are beautiful.

– Dirk Terpstra



"Simply a deep thank you for the experience this weekend. Your display of wisdom, care and love was amazing. I am so grateful that you helped us transform ourselves in the pyramid. What a treat it was to experience the retreat inside this mystic location."

Francis Piche

Century 21 In Town Realty