When I found myself at the lowest place in my life, I experienced that connecting with a ‘higher intelligence’ gave my all the insights that I was longing for, and the light came back on again. This intelligent energy can be found in the heart.

The last couple of months have been so exciting and rewarding for me — I’ve not just hosted many events around the theme ‘The Power of the Heart’ but I have also been very active in training people the tools and techniques in order to help them self-regulate their emotions through optimizing the rhythm of the heart.

Our intelligent energy

You might have heard me speak about a very powerful principle, that I live by every day: “The moment you don’t want anything, is the moment you can have anything you want.” It’s so powerful, because this is the way the entire universe operates. But for us humans, it’s the hardest thing to apply because it feels so counterintuitive. We are raised with the belief that we have to DO something in order to get somewhere. That’s because we are not aware of one important element in the process — we are all connected to a highly intelligent field of information.

Humans are made of the stuff that everything else is made of in the universe. If we look at the human body and go down the scale we find cells, molecules, atoms, sub-atomic particles and pure energy. The entire universe is made up of energy and at this level everything is vibrating. That’s also the reason why we are all connected and are living in a “thought universe” — An intangible world affects the tangible world of our experience. A spiritual world affects the physical world.

Although this might sound a bit complex to you right now, these scientific facts are of incredible value when it comes to reconnecting with yourself.

Another law of physics says: “Where the attention goes, is where the energy flows.” So when you take the time and start focusing on your body, truly feeling all sensations in the body, you begin to reconnect with yourself at the most intelligent level — you begin to access the universal level in you.

We are intelligent energy | Dirk Terpstra

As a HeartMath® certified trainer, I help people to access the intuitive intelligence of the heart, and all experiments show that the less we try, the easier it is to get in touch with the universal energy that resides in us. It’s like becoming a flower in the sunshine. Do you think this flower tries really hard to start blooming, or that it would worry about the other flowers that could be potentially more beautiful? No, of course not! It just taps into the intelligent energy that it’s made up of and we look at it and say: “Wow, this flower looks so perfect!” And now you know its secret…