It was about time.
It is about time, that we begin to see and feel the truth. A truth, not told by news reporters, business leaders or politicians, but an undeniable truth we can feel deep in our hearts.

It’s not an easy time, sometimes even a dangerous time, to freely speak your truth, and let alone, live your truth.

As many of you know, I work in the field of trauma. I’ve learned that when we live in a traumatized state, we’re unable to respond appropriately to situations. Just because our system has been ‘hijacked’ by previous experiences.

The world at large is in a traumatized state, and most of us find it very difficult to navigate through this chaos. As a result of this, we often respond and act in incoherent ways. That’s not because we’re not smart or weak, it’s because we feel something isn’t right. It hurts us and our ‘subconscious body’ tries to protect itself.

It’s my humble experience, when working with trauma, that there’s another very powerful phenomena coming into play. We call it PTG. It stands for Post-Traumatic Growth.

When we’ve reached our lowest low, and it feels we’ve nothing more to lose, often something interesting can happen. We become more open – more receptive to new information and ideas. We’ve nothing to lose anyway…

When then the right person appears onto your path, and you can feel their deep care and compassion, that’s when the healing can begin. The body starts feeling safe again.

All that we’ve believed, during our traumatized state, starts getting a different meaning, we look through different lenses at life, and new opportunities often appear seemingly out of nowhere.

A New Creation

It is my personal experience, that the best thing we can do right now, is not to fear, not to judge, and not become desperate, as we are in the middle of the creation of a new world. And big change, always comes with lots of chaos.

The best thing we can do, is to spend time outside, taking some deep breaths, feeling the connection with our heart, and being in awe about the intelligence of nature – Feeling the connection with that innate intelligence, that’s part of all of us. And while you’re out there, can you feel, deep down inside, your biggest dream that you have for humanity? Can you truly experience all that comes with your beautiful dream, as if it were happening right now?

We now radiate our coherent electromagnetic field, that contains all that we desire, into the global field. When we collectively practice this on a daily basis, we start creating something beautiful together, and our linear intellect has a hard time believing it’s even possible.

That’s what I call true intelligence, and that’s also what humanity and our planet currently needs the most. We are the artist of our own life. We are capable of creating amazing things. In stead of looking outside of what has already been done, and what seemingly can’t be done, we can go inside, and create by watching our own most beautiful dreams.


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