Welcome to the New Creation

Welcome to the New Creation

It was about time.
It is about time, that we begin to see and feel the truth. A truth, not told by news reporters, business leaders or politicians, but an undeniable truth we can feel deep in our hearts.

It’s not an easy time, sometimes even a dangerous time, to freely speak your truth, and let alone, live your truth.

As many of you know, I work in the field of trauma. I’ve learned that when we live in a traumatized state, we’re unable to respond appropriately to situations. Just because our system has been ‘hijacked’ by previous experiences.

The world at large is in a traumatized state, and most of us find it very difficult to navigate through this chaos. As a result of this, we often respond and act in incoherent ways. That’s not because we’re not smart or weak, it’s because we feel something isn’t right. It hurts us and our ‘subconscious body’ tries to protect itself.

It’s my humble experience, when working with trauma, that there’s another very powerful phenomena coming into play. We call it PTG. It stands for Post-Traumatic Growth.

When we’ve reached our lowest low, and it feels we’ve nothing more to lose, often something interesting can happen. We become more open – more receptive to new information and ideas. We’ve nothing to lose anyway…

When then the right person appears onto your path, and you can feel their deep care and compassion, that’s when the healing can begin. The body starts feeling safe again.

All that we’ve believed, during our traumatized state, starts getting a different meaning, we look through different lenses at life, and new opportunities often appear seemingly out of nowhere.

A New Creation

It is my personal experience, that the best thing we can do right now, is not to fear, not to judge, and not become desperate, as we are in the middle of the creation of a new world. And big change, always comes with lots of chaos.

The best thing we can do, is to spend time outside, taking some deep breaths, feeling the connection with our heart, and being in awe about the intelligence of nature – Feeling the connection with that innate intelligence, that’s part of all of us. And while you’re out there, can you feel, deep down inside, your biggest dream that you have for humanity? Can you truly experience all that comes with your beautiful dream, as if it were happening right now?

We now radiate our coherent electromagnetic field, that contains all that we desire, into the global field. When we collectively practice this on a daily basis, we start creating something beautiful together, and our linear intellect has a hard time believing it’s even possible.

That’s what I call true intelligence, and that’s also what humanity and our planet currently needs the most. We are the artist of our own life. We are capable of creating amazing things. In stead of looking outside of what has already been done, and what seemingly can’t be done, we can go inside, and create by watching our own most beautiful dreams.


This is what I do every week, with people from around the world, during our Hearts Unify global Zoom call. You can join us for free. It’s fun, inspiring and you get to connect with like minded people from all over our beautiful Planet – every Sunday at 11:00 am PT – visit: HeartsUnify.org


Change Happens when we Connect

Change Happens when we Connect

Through science, community and consciousness, we can make a critical shift on this planet – one that empowers us to create a harmonious, coherent relationship with the natural world, with our inner selves, and with each other.

One of the things that has always fascinated me, is how easily people often buy into a certain belief, or accept information, especially when it originates from a source like a person or organization with authority. It’s not that I think it’s wrong, it just amazes me how we seem to have lost our drive to think more critically.

For the last ten years, I have been working with scientists and organizations who have kept their desire to further study and explore the seemingly impossible. They have not only intrigued me, they have inspired me to reach beyond what I thought was possible.

Where we thought and taught that our genes are static and the only way of making modifications is through medication, we now successfully use the power of epigenetics every single day – I use this in my personal life, and during my work as well. Where we are taught that investing in weapons and fighting wars, will keep us safe, we have now plentiful empirical, scientific evidence that we are deeply connected through an invisible electromagnetic field, and when this field changes, human behaviour changes. This might sound a bit too far out to some of you, but the science behind it has been actively studied for many decades now, and the evidence is very clear.

One of the organizations who has been conducting pioneering research in this field for over three decades now, is the HeartMath® Institute and their Global Coherence Initiative. As a HeartMath Certified trainer, I work closely together with their team.

Global Change

Though decades of research and actual evidence, we now know how to facilitate powerful change on the planet. There’s scientific evidence that heart-based human connections, will lead to intuitive solutions for global challenges and transformation of our world, and our consciousness.

As a result of this, I have started to build a global network – CoherenceHotspot.com – New, coherent communities are being built all around the planet. This initiative is not just about being mindful or to meditate, but by learning new science based tools and techniques, together with like-minded locals, we will change our communities in ways we have never believed is possible.

Online Training

With the support of HeartMath and the Resonance Science Foundation, we have now developed an online training for those who want to learn more, broaden their worldview, and maybe even choose to participate and create a Coherence Hotspot in their community. You can learn more about the training here.

We currently have around fifty Coherence Hotspots around the planet, but this is just the beginning… Please let me know your suggestions, ideas or desire to support. I also encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @coherencehotspot.

Do you have the courage to be real?

Do you have the courage to be real?

We live in a world that lets us believe that we’re somebody else. I don’t say that there’s something wrong with this world – we have however, collectively bought into concepts and beliefs that do not reflect the truth of who we really are.

So we go through life pretending we’re somebody else. We can do this for a very long time, for an entire lifetime sometimes, but these concepts and beliefs will no longer serve us when we’re going through difficult times. Suddenly we begin to realize how fake and useless they actually are, and then we become scared, because it seems that we’ve nothing to fall back on. Our ‘virtual reality’ which has become our truth, has been shattered.

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain

Healing trauma | Dirk TerpstraThis is usually the moment, when you crave to be more real as you begin to understand that the ‘old self’ is merely a collection of memories, experiences and conditioning. Yes, you’ve lived them and experienced them, but they’re not you of course. This process is often very painful and confrontational, because you begin to question almost everything, and you just can’t believe that this has been your truth for so long.

Blaming others and circumstances only works for a short while (unless you keep fooling yourself), because you begin to see a much larger picture, that isn’t just black and white, but contains a full array of colours. Colours of understanding and (self)compassion. In the more spiritual circles they call this ‘the journey’. Personally, I work with this all the time, when helping those with PTSD – uncovering the truth of who they really are. It can be a difficult process, but it is also the most beautiful and rewarding process you can ever experience.

Your future comes with a new awareness

We are now living in incredible times, and we have the opportunity to witness a global collision of two worlds: The old world that no longer serves us. A world of separation, of mental and physical borders, of religious limitations and spiritual boundaries. And there’s the new world that emerges: A world of freedom, of connection, of personal responsibility and collective power.

Thanks to the many challenges in our lives, we are developing a new awareness that has the capacity to propel us into a new and more meaningful future. We are also blessed with new technology, interconnectivity and personal tools and values, to transcend these challenges. As long as technology doesn’t control our lives, it’s a beautiful development. Through social media for example, people start listening more to each other in stead of to their leaders with their political agenda – we move from separation to a deeper connection.

Even though you probably feel overwhelmed, I personally believe that the secret lies in hitting the brakes, really slowing down and understanding ourselves better. One of my beloved teachers once told me that you can be peaceful and fulfilled only if you are authentic and honest with yourself. And if you are authentically kind, if you are authentically powerful, and hold on to what is your truth, and hold dear, you will be called upon to demonstrate this in action, not only in thought.

For the planet to emerge into a more harmonious place, she needs you. She needs you to be bold and real! No matter what others think of your change in attitude or trajectory in life. Do you have that courage to be truly you?

Maybe you feel inspired to watch a talk I recently gave for Unity of Vancouver: Radiating Care.

True Transformation happens when you Feel the Truth

True Transformation happens when you Feel the Truth

I see the shoulders of the woman in the middle of the circle drop. Resistance visibly leaves her body, and tears roll down her face. It’s so beautiful to watch, that it makes me feel humble to even witness this. If you don’t have an idea what is going on here, you might think that a spiritual transformation, or even a miraculous healing has just taken place (that might have happened though). But I clearly knew what was happening here, because I had created this opportunity for her.

During my most recent visit to Bogotá, Colombia, I hosted several retreats. One of the experiences that I offered, was to take the HeartMath® tools & techniques to a deeper level, so that people are able fully implement what they have learned earlier, into their day-to-day lives.

At the end of the morning of the first day, I asked everyone if they could now fully feel and deeply connect with their own body. Everybody responded positively and raised their hands… except for three people… They shared that they wished they could connect with themselves on a deeper level, but they had a really difficult time going there. And that’s when my ego kicked in, because I wanted to have everybody experience this, and I just knew it was possible.

Before I realized, I had asked the group to break up into three sub-groups and form three circles. The three people who indicated they couldn’t get in touch with their feelings, were each sitting in the middle of a circle. I then asked all the people in the circle, to become heart-coherent and visualize radiating care and compassion towards the person in the centre of the circle. The person in the centre was asked to just sit there and relax, and not do anything in particular.

After a few minutes, I watched spontaneous, and beautiful changes in the three people happen. This exercise surpassed my expectations by far. It looked so simple, yet it was so impactful. True transformation literally happens when you allow yourself to feel the truth.

The science of connection

But what do these experiments really tell us? Is there something like ’empirical science’ behind connection?

I very much realize that for many people in our society (especially for men), feeling is foreign territory. And with feeling I mean, truly paying attention to what’s really going on in your life and in your body. It’s not just the veterans that I work with who find major challenges in accessing their feelings. The situation in my groups (as described above), already demonstrated that.

Feeling and connection are interrelated. But we live in a world where many have been taught that allowing yourself to feel, and express your feelings, is a definite sign of weakness. The sad thing is that those who taught us that it’s weak to get in touch with our feelings, are usually the ones that have been hurting the most. These are typical patterns that are passed on, from generation to generation. All around the world.

DNA-code | Dirk TerpstraBut we don’t need to keep living the programs of the past. We live now, and when we choose to be fully present, we can create an opportunity for ourselves to make changes. And now the cool science that supports all this.

The electromagnetic field around the earth that protects us from harmful space radiation, connects us all. What?? Yes!! The electromagnetic field, generated by our own heart, is automatically connected with the ‘large field’. This means that we as ‘individuals’, are all deeply connected through that same field. Even though this is nothing new for me, just by writing about it gives me goosebumps, because it so profound. Why? Because we live in a society which structure is fully based on separation. So we are merely living a lie!

But the three people in the centre of the circles weren’t living a lie. They couldn’t escape the reality anymore, because those around them had created a highly coherent electromagnetic field for them, and the law of physics applied to them of course. When we create coherence (more order) in the signal generated by our hearts, we begin to create more coherence in the ‘large field’. And through this highly orderly field, we can connect and feel the truth of life.

Personally, I consider acknowledging and embracing these laws of physics, the highest form of intelligence. History shows us that an incoherent society leads to hurting others, creating more separation, using violence or forcing shortsighted political influence, and it doesn’t help us to further evolve as a human species.

When we begin to create more coherence in our hearts, we automatically connect, on a deeper level, and the entire world will become more coherent. All fully backed by empirical science! What are you waiting for!

Initiative of Interest: Global Coherence Hotspot

Human by Design – Interview with Gregg Braden

Human by Design – Interview with Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, and is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and human potential!

A while ago, I met with Gregg and we spoke for about 45 minutes, about his latest book “Human by Design” – From evolution by chance to transformation by choice. Enjoy our interview!

Who are we?

human by design - Gregg Braden | Dirk TerpstraA growing body of evidence suggests that we are the product of something more than random mutations and lucky biology.
But the evidence can only go so far. Fossils, DNA, ancient cave art, and human burial sites can only show us the remnants of what happened in the past.
They cannot tell us why those things happened. Unless we find a way to travel backward in time, the truth is that we may never know the complete WHY of what has made our existence possible.

But maybe we don’t need to know… The undeniable fact is that modern humans appeared on earth 200,000 years ago, and that something happened to make our existence possible.

And whatever that something was, it left us with the extraordinary abilities of intuition, compassion, empathy, love, self healing, and more.
We owe it to ourselves to embrace the body of evidence, the story it tells, and the healing it can bring to our lives….

For the first time in the 300-year-long history of science, we are writing a new human story that gives us a new answer to the timeless question of who we are.

For more more information: greggbraden.com