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Become co-creator of a new human consciousness and learn the science based tools and techniques to create a coherent, social environment. Earth’s magnetic field is ready! Are you?
This global platform is endorsed by HeartMath.
Coherence Hotspot - On | Dirk Terpstra
Coherence Hotspot by Dirk Terpstra
Global Coherence Hotspot | Dirk Terpstra

Education & Connection

Knowledge is power – the power to create change. Together! We offer you all the training, techniques and provide access to scientific reports. Connecting with locals hasn’t been easier and more meaningful until now.

Personal Coherence

Heart coherence is key in building emotional, mental and physical resilience. Inner balance starts here.

Social Change

Creating collective coherence, is the most effective, and yet undervalued way of creating social change.


As a Coherence Hotspot member, you will receive all the necessary training by a certified professional.

Social Coherence

The effect of a coherent group is extremely powerful, and this enables others around us to become coherent.

The Science

Peer reviewed scientific reports, explain how humans and their environment are deeply connected.


Get together, connect and learn with like minded, in your own community/city/country.
Global Coherence | Dirk Terpstra

Find a Hotspot

We are currently building a global Coherence Hotspot network. We created our first beautiful community in Bogotá, Colombia, and 41 new locations are being developed right now. Browse through the list of existing locations and connect with one close to you.
Coherence Hotspot locations (click)

Argentina, Buenos Aires – Ignacio Bernad
Belgium, Brussels – Christine Coppin +32 476-601-751
Brazil, Belo Horizonte – Simone Cabizuca +55 319-9295-0234
Brazil, Osvaldo Cruz – Monica Lampe +55 119-6423-0037
Brazil, São Paulo – Andréia Gomes
Canada, Vernon, BC – Dirk Terpstra – Contact
Canada, Edmonton, AB – Charmaine Lefebvre +1 587-588-6332
Canada, Toronto, ON – Zissis Liolios +1 647-402-9067
Colombia, Bogotá – Sylvia Escobar +57 310-2197-275
Costa Rica, Playa Samara – Julie Bray +1 432-614-1100
Israel, Tel Aviv – Elioz Berkovits
Lebanon, Taanayel-Bekaa – Randa Ali +961 70 391 439
Mexico, Mexico City – Felipe Moreira  +52 554-3226-342
Mexico, Mexico City – Vivian Blair
Mexico, Cholula Puabla – Ariadna Ruiz +52 122-2764-4581
Netherlands, Alkmaar – Marian Starkenbrug
Portugal, Lisbon – Barbara Santos +351 966-331-811
Switzerland, Zug – Gabriela Zoltakova
UK, Newcastle upon Tyne – Ray Taylor +44 (0)79-716-87832
USA, Houston, TX – Laura Hernandez +1 281-241-9818
USA, Jupiter, FL – Renata Crescenzo +1 917-864-1756
USA, Lakeland, FL – Kelly Andrews +1 863-670-1717
USA, Rochester, NY – Jim Moomaw +1 585-377-6480
USA, Sacramento, CA – Michele Mariscal +1 916-402-6188
USA, Scott’s Valley, CA – Bill Malady +1 831-345-7334
USA, Dallas, TX – LeMar Oleson +1 520-205-2394

Social Change | Dirk Terpstra

Get connected

You will connect with real people, in your own community. Because we just started building new communities, please contact us if you are interested to participate in your own city. We are working to have an overview available online.
Social Coherence | Dirk Terpstra
Coherence Hotspot Learning | Dirk Terpstra


Knowledge is power. More knowledge gives you more power to create change. You will learn all about how our planet’s magnetic field has an impart on your well-being, stress levels and intuition. But also, how you can create personal coherence, and how it affects you and those around you.

Create social change

Apply the science based tools and techniques to create a coherent, social environment. There’s scientific evidence that heart-based human connections, will lead to intuitive solutions for global challenges and transformation of our world and our consciousness. Our global platform is endorsed by HeartMath.
Global Change | Dirk Terpstra

Become co-creator of a new human consciousness

Are you the one who has the desire to initiate a Coherence Hotspot in your area? Are you keen to help create a new human consciousness and start a local community? Yes? We need to talk then!
Dirk Terpstra, Coherence Hotspot Initiator


We have tried to keep this webpage as simple as possible. But you might still have more questions. In that case, we encourage you to contact us by clicking the button below.

What is Coherence?

Coherence is the healthy state when our heart, our mind and our emotions are in an energetic alignment and cooperation. It’s also a state that builds resiliency.

Can I participate?

Of course! If you are passionate about learning more about the science of human connection, and want to connect with like minded people – please contact us.

What are the main benefits?

Groundbreaking scientific research shows that the interconnection between humanity and earth’s magnetic fields, promote peace, harmony and a shift in consciousness.

Why is it called Hotspot?

Like with a WiFi Hotspot, we activate a hotspot, in order to connect and communicate with others, by using earth’s magnetic field as a carrier wave. Unseen by others, yet powerful!

How do we connect?

You will connect with us via email. Once you have decided that you want to participate, you’ll be part of a local community that regularly meets face-to-face.

Who is Dirk Terpstra?

Dirk is a HeartMath® Certified Trainer, intuitive speaker and coach. It is Dirk’s passion to help shift the human consciousness, by changing the global coherence.

First Countries

Our first Coherence Hotspot was initiated in Bogotá, Colombia, and many are now active. Use ‘Find a Hotspot’ to connect with your local contact person.


The world becomes more coherent when we choose to become coherent. The world softens when we soften. The world changes when we change.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch with us now.
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We realize that you may have many questions regarding our Coherence Hotspot activities. There’s currently a lot going on, so please leave us your message, because we love to connect.

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