connect – love – be fearless

MAY 7-12, 2023


It’s about time!
After years of virtual connections, it’s time to come together, open our hearts and celebrate life!
“Change is Possible” is an opportunity to go on an inward journey into the quantum field – the place of infinite possibilities, beyond our familiar and predictable reality. This retreat will provide you with excellent opportunities to get beyond yourself and connect to a boundless, life-giving source of energy.

As you step into this exciting model of consciousness, you will discover the signs and shifts that demonstrate your successful connection to the quantum field – and deepen your understanding of how the mind creates a new reality.

In each of our journey’s we, at some point, come to cross roads that give us the opportunity to change. Due to innate programming though, it is easy to slip into old patterns or maybe just stick with old patterns in the first place.

Stepping out of and away from the known: our homes, our jobs, our families etc, for a few days and go on an inward journey, into the quantum field. A place of infinite possibilities beyond our familiar and predictable reality. This is the place of change, of growth. Can you feel it?

This retreat will provide you with numerous opportunities to go beyond yourself and connect to a boundless, life-giving source of energy.
As water ebbs and flows, so will we, connecting together, raising consciousness and fully be there for ourselves, and ultimately ripple this new consciousness into the Field for global healing.

You will also:
– Experience daily, quantum accessing meditations and breath work
– Learn to reprogram your cells and instruct DNA
– Discover the purpose and effects of leaving your conscious body
– Learn new ways to ripple Coherence into the Field
– Learn to restructure water with your own consciousness
– Design a Coherence roadmap for the changes we’re in
– Learn about how to align with our Planet’s new and unique energy

We offer you this 6-day experiential retreat in the comfort of the RIU Palace Pacifico in Nueva Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta) in Mexico (see below).
In order to participate in our retreat, you are required to arrange your personal travel and hotel arrangements (not included in the retreat price).
The 6-day retreat starts in the late afternoon of Sunday, May 7, 2023, and will end on Friday night, May 12, 2023. Participation cost is C$995 (plus 5% tax) per person.

All Hotspotters welcome!
Min. 10 – max. 22 participants

It’s time to connect, learn, create coherence and shift into Love.

The Hotel Riu Palace Pacifico (24h All Inclusive) is located in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. The high quality service and professionalism of its staff make this hotel the perfect place to spend your time in Mexico with us.

Thanks to the All Inclusive system you can enjoy Mexican cuisine at its best. It includes a wide variety of recipes and is recognised for its distinctive and sophisticated flavours which incorporate many spices.

To book the hotel, you can visit the RIU website, or alternatively book through an online travel agent.

Only book your flight and hotel AFTER you have received our confirmation. There’s a min. of 10 participants needed for our retreat to take place.

Dirk Terpstra
Dirk was born and raised in the Netherlands, and he learned at a very young age that the only thing you can really trust, is your own intuition.
Over the last 15 years, he has been working with individuals and organizations around the world, hosting retreats, and sharing and teaching the (neuro)science of human physiology, specializing in the field of trauma and complex PTSD.
Dirk is a HeartMath Certified Trainer, works with former military and RCMP, who have been diagnosed with PTSD. He is also the Founder of the global Coherence Hotspot network.
Dirk’s greatest passion is to bring more light to humanity, so that people begin to realize that we can all shine!

Mary Lesniewski
After her work as a registered emergency room nurse, Mary has really dove deeper into holistic healing and has been guided onto a new path. Holistic health has been a large part of her life since 2011, but was not the main focus. In those years since she has done much research and work in holistic medicine that has now lead her here. She has allowed herself to be guided by Spirit and has become more entangled and led by her intuition, her heart and soul.

Mary is a certified health coach, has her certificate in Mind Your Worldview coursework, a Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils Practitioner, works with energy as medicine, and has an emphasized focus in Spiritual and emotional growth and healing in regard to trauma. Mary has a deep heart for others and in everything that she does her goal is nothing less than helping others to become more connected and more so to become more connected to our Creator.

This retreat has been made possible through a special collaboration between the global Coherence Hotspot network, and the Deep. Deeper. Deepest. inititiave by Mary Lesniewski and Dirk Terpstra.

Deep. Deeper. Deepest. – by: Dirk Terpstra & Mary Lesniewski