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There’s an extremely powerful force that we as humans are trying to understand, for thousands of years already. It’s a universal energy that even science can’t formally explain. This universal energy is Love. Love is the force behind all life and Love gives meaning to life. Maybe therefore, we often fail to understand what Love exactly means, just because it’s too grand for us to conceptualize.

In order to learn more about the meaning of life, about self love, about science & spirituality and its power, I started interviewing, often world renowned and inspiring authors, scientists, spiritual teachers and musicians.

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Anita Moorjani Interview eBook | Dirk Terpstra

Miguel Ruiz Interview eBook | Dirk Terpstra

 Dr. Joe Dispenza Interview eBook | Dirk Terpstra

Dr. Terry Gordon Interview eBook | Dirk Terpstra

Howard Martin Interview eBook | Dirk Terpstra

Ebook Interview with Mooji | Dirk Terpstra

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