Energetics Communication Event Unity Vancouver | Dirk Terpstra
Dirk Terpstra


Dirk Terpstra


Unity of Vancouver
5840 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC V6M 2V9


May 19 2019


11:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Energetics of Communication

The Energetics of Communication | Dirk TerpstraSUNDAY SERVICE at 11:00am

Radiating Care

Care and compassion are some of the strongest and most healing human emotions. Experiencing these emotions are not just beneficial for our personal health and growth, but they deeply connect us in ways that is often hard to understand by the mind. When we learn how to effectively apply the power of our heart, that’s when we can transform the suffering on this planet.

WORKSHOP from 1:15 to 4:00pm

The Energetics of Communication

Words are only a small part of communication. There is a lot of information about our true feelings and attitudes that is communicated through body language and tone of voice. Emotional energy transfers unspoken feelings, which can be detected by others and affects our communication. When we are coherent and in sync, those unspoken feelings can enhance communication, creating a healthier and more efficient environment in personal relationships and at work.

During this experiential workshop you will learn:

– How to self-regulate and shift your emotional state

– How to effectively communicate from a heart-based place

– The science behind heart coherence

– How to apply these techniques in communication with others

The Facilitator
Dirk is a HeartMath® Certified Trainer with the scientific HeartMath® Institute in California. Through his intuitive approach, Dirk is transforming the lives of individuals, organizations in North America, South America and Europe. Dirk also works with war veterans and first responders who are suffering from PTSD. He knows as no other how locked emotions in the body can cause a lot of distress and illnesses. It is Dirk’s passion (and mission) to inspire you to become more deeply connected to who you truly are so that you can become the most balanced version of yourself.

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