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HeartMath Institute’s long years of scientific research and clinical trials have helped improve thousands of people’s lives worldwide.
As an intuitive speaker & HeartMath trainer I am known for a dynamic, passionate and authentic speaking style. I am easy to understand and have a very personal approach, in which I explain how each and everyone of us carries a powerful and loving energy inside which is waiting to be released.

Learn how your heart, emotions, stress and coherence all relate and how your heart is as smart as your brain and affects almost everything you do

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Do you have the intention to host an event? Whether your audience is seeking help for job stress, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness or another stressful condition, I will take you through proven and easy-to-use solutions. With minimal time, your audience can understand their own stress and learn some simple and effective ways to reduce it, increase energy and resilience and renew the joy of life.

After gaining so much new knowledge and insights, I believe it’s important (and fun) to celebrate and share all experiences together.

If you are interested to learn more about the possibilities of having me speak to and train your audience, please contact me.

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Secret to Life

I believe that the secret to life lies in hitting the brakes, really slowing down and learning to understand ourselves better. You can only be at peace and feel fulfilled, when you are honest with yourself and start closing the gap between who you appear to be and who you really are. You will then discover that you are beautiful.

– Dirk Terpstra



"Simply a deep thank you for the experience this weekend. Your display of wisdom, care and love was amazing. I am so grateful that you helped us transform ourselves in the pyramid. What a treat it was to experience the retreat inside this mystic location."

Francis Piche

Century 21 In Town Realty

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