Make the Shift

from Reacting to Creating

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We are part of a society that teaches us the principle of ’cause and effect’ so well that most people have learned to mainly react to the circumstances in their life, while everyone has the opportunity and the capacity to create their own, amazing and more fulfilling life – just by being who you truly are. In quantum physics this is called ‘causing an effect’.

Personally, I believe that the secret lies in hitting the breaks, really slowing down and learning to understand ourselves better. You can only be at peace and feel fulfilled when you are honest with yourself and start closing the gap between who you appear to be and who you really are. You will then discover that you are beautiful and that all the answers you’re seeking, already lie inside waiting for you.

During my intuitive talks, workshops and trainings, I will take you on a beautiful journey and you will get a clear understanding of the true nature of why we believe the stuff that shapes our lives. Will you join me to make the shift from Reacting to Creating? More…


Flat Earth | Dirk TerpstraDid you ever realize that for centuries we believed that the earth was flat? Not just a few of us – many ancient cultures have had conceptions of a flat earth, including Greece, India and China. We were all convinced that the world was portrayed as a flat disk floating in the ocean and surrounded by a spherical sky and when you came too close to the horizon, you seriously risked your life, because by that time we also hadn’t figured out what gravity was all about. After almost three centuries of philosophical speculation, a Portuguese Expedition found out that our planet was not flat but round, and that gravity kept us from falling off. That was a huge shock and very confrontational for most of us but at the same time a whole new world literally opened up.
This indicates that the way we think and the elements we believe in first create our reality and ultimately, and most often, remain our reality for the rest of our lives. Did you ever think about this? Maybe not. Most of us don’t.

What if we decide today that the stuff that we believe might not necessarily be true at all?! I do realize that can be a very unsettling concept for you, but what could that mean for the way you look at the world – how you live your own life and interact with others? I know one thing for sure that it will open up so many new and exciting possibilities! What do you think?

“It ain’t what we don’t know that gets us into trouble, it’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain

Where many spiritual philosophies might lift you off the ground, I will keep you grounded and I will take you on a journey of infinite possibilities – I will share personal stories and revelations with you, I explain some cool scientific findings explaining what keeps us from who we truly are and why this continuously limits our own potential and creation.