Heart Coherence Meditations – Becoming Quantum

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Downloadable meditations in .MP3 format.

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Volume 2 of the heart coherence meditations – Becoming Quantum – has been created and recorded by Dirk Terpstra.

After the successful album Transform, which contains multiple short Heart Coherence Meditations, this album allows you to go much deeper into the consciousness of your own body.

The Tracks:

  1. Intuition (17 min)
  2. Becoming Quantum (33 min)

It might be difficult to accept, but anything you need to know, is already available to you. That’s because you are part of the much larger, infinitely intelligent universe. You live in a world that lets you believe that we are all separate from one another, but everything in this universe is deeply connected. That means that you are already connected to all you need to know. You won’t find the answers outside yourself. The easiest way is to go within. It’s not hard. As a child, you were already connected to your very own intuition.

Science shows us, that every single cell in your body is listening to what you think and feel. Your thoughts generate an electrical charge, and your emotions a magnetic charge. Together they form your unique, electromagnetic signature, that influences every single cell in your body. Always. It never stops. And therefore, the DNA in your cells, which is magnetic, is listening continuously to what you think and feel. This process is also called quantum biology. What is it that you are broadcasting to your cells today?

Enjoy the unique blend of Dirk’s calming tone of voice, and the carefully chosen music!

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