The 5 Insights – Vernon

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Full Day Workshop in Vernon. The 5 Insights is a brand new series of workshops by Dirk Terpstra. Through his work, Dirk has become fascinated by the fact how easy it is for us humans to lose the deeper connection with ourselves.

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When we lose this connection, we begin to lose our sense of purpose, feeling unfulfilled, and we now seem to blame the external world for how we feel. We begin to continuously react to everything that happens around us. We have now forgotten that it is our purpose to enjoy life and to create from our deepest desires (found in the heart).

You can expect a highly experiential workshop where Dirk bridges the science of who we are, with the more spiritual aspects that gives meaning to our lives. He helps you transform from being a victim, to being the master of your own life.

Dirk Terpstra is a HeartMath® Certified Trainer with the scientific HeartMath® Institute in California. Dirk is transforming the lives of individuals, organizations. Dirk also works with war veterans and first responders who are suffering from PTSD. He knows as no other how locked emotions in the body can cause a lot of distress and illnesses. Dirk’s passion and mission is to inspire you to become more deeply connected to who you truly are so that you can become the most beautiful version of yourself.

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