Change Your Energy

Transform your Life Retreat

Change your Energy - Transform your Life Retreat | Dirk Terpstra & Josep Soler

Apply Science & Spirituality to Create Lasting Change

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Neurons that fire together, wire together | Josep Soler & Dirk Terpstra
During this retreat, Josep Soler and Dirk Terpstra will inspire you to break through all the mental constructs and internal barriers that keep you living a limited life – the life you are in right now.

We will help you reach your full potential and you will discover that nothing can go wrong in your life – when heart and mind are aligned, you’ll be able to understand the purpose of all events in your life. You will even be able to overcome certain ‘dis-eases’ in your body.

Do you believe in your unlimited potential but don’t you know how to put it to good use?

Do you feel like there’s something blocking you deep within yourself that keeps you from creating the life you deeply desire?

And that this has a possible impact on your health and emotional well-being?

Are you ready to open yourself up to the Wisdom of your Heart and create the life that is aligned with your Soul’s desire?

Change your Energy Change your Life | Dirk Terpstra & Josep Soler
If one or more of these questions resonate with you this Retreat will have a deep impact on your life, regardless how far along you are on your spiritual path or the path of personal development. We offer you the latest science and ancient techniques to create lasting change.

How this Retreat will Transform you

During the retreat you will be able to make a transformational shift in your health and your life, and your purpose will become very clear!

  • Develop Heart intelligence skills
  • Create lasting change in your nervous system
  • Shift from Reacting to a life of Creating
  • Discover the purpose of pain and illness
  • And therefore: Heal yourself from the inside out
  • Empower the belief that the intelligence of the Universe is here to support you
  • Implement life changing habits
  • Make a deeper mind-body connection
Retreat Costa Rica | Dirk Terpstra & Josep Soler
“For understanding Life’s language, we need to awaken an art that we have forgotten – the Art of listening to Life.” – Josep Soler
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Josep Soler | Body-mind expert

Josep Soler

Josep Soler, born in Barcelona, is a body-mind expert, author, international lecturer, NLP teacher and neuroscience researcher. Josep has passionately dedicated over 20 years of his life to the understanding and in teaching the creative process that life is.

Josep’s studies of neuroscience helped him develop new understandings, which integrate the soul into the practice of mind-body medicine. As a result of this approach, he has taught people from around the world how to master healing their own bodies.

Dirk Terpstra

Internationally recognized Intuitive Speaker – Inspirator – Coach, HeartMath® Certified Trainer and trauma expert. He organizes events in Canada, Central- and South America.

Through his work, Dirk is transforming the lives of thousands of individuals and organizations. He is also an interviewer for OMTimes Magazine and former CEO with a Fortune 500 company.

Dirk’s mission is to inspire you to become more deeply connected to who you truly are. He can’t wait to help you make the shift from ‘reacting to creating’.

Dirk Terpstra | Manifesting from the Heart

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Retreat Costa Rica
Sugar Beach Resort Retreat Costa Rica | Dirk Terpstra
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